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ITTQ offers competitive pricing on all PC’s, Laptops, Server repair and support. We’ll recommend what you need, not what is most expensive.

Our staff can implement many types of repairs and upgrades to your system.

 GreenTick_Overheating Issues GreenTick_PC and laptop Repair  GreenTick_Component replacement GreenTick_Overheating Issue GreenTick_Server Repair

 GreenTick_Component Upgrades GreenTick_Screen Replacement GreenTick_Charging Jack Replacement

GreenTick_Diagnosis & Troubleshooting GreenTick_Spyware and Virus Cleanup GreenTick_Memory Upgrades GreenTick_Hard Drive Replacement/Upgrades

GreenTick_Disk Space Clean-Up GreenTick_Fix Registry Errors GreenTick_Laptop Screen Repairs GreenTick_Hard Disk Replacement / Upgrade