Introducing Cloud Computing – Many businesses are looking SIMON SAYS for ways to spend less time and money on buying and supporting software applications. They may own and manage their own computer networks, but struggle to keep their systems safe against a barrage of viruses. They may also store large amounts of customer or supplier data on servers based in their offices. This computer management problem is especially bad if you have no interest in IT, and often results in expensive visits from computer installation and support companies. Also, you need to make room for your computers and keep them full backed up and secure, plus pay for the electricity that keeps them running. Cloud computing has evolved in an effort to address all these issues. Cloud computing uses the internet to connect your local PCs with computers located many miles away (often in different countries) that run your key business applications and store your important data. You still need to be able to access the internet, so cloud computing does not remove the need for all your computers, but it can prevent you from having to run larger server-based computers in your office. Cloud computing is also referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS) or hosted software and is very attractive to smaller businesses as it is paid for monthly, so there is no upfront cost for hardware or software.
The Benefits of Cloud Computing
The great thing about cloud computing is that your data and systems are stored away from your offices. The cloud service supplier is responsible for backing up and protecting your data. If you have a fire, flood or other disaster in your office you know that your essential data is safe and sound in this secured, remote facility. The company that looks after or ‘hosts’ your data will also be responsible for making sure anti-virus software is up-to-date and all the computers have their software patched. Cloud computing is also useful if you are a new business and are unsure how your computing requirements may grow. With a cloud computing solution you can simply ask your hosting company to add additional computers to your network, according to your timescales and growth plans. Likewise they can turn off computers if business is a bit quieter to save you money. Hosted applications can also benefit businesses as they can be accessed from anywhere in the world as long as you can obtain a connection to the internet. This is useful if you have a distributed workforce, maybe working from home, or you want to access company data from your smartphone or tablet device.

ITTQ has extensive experience and exposure to a wealth of Cloud technology solutions that would add value to any size business!


Hosted Exchange business Email solutions make it possible for you to work anywhere, at anytime. Access your Emails, contacts, schedules and more through your desktop, web browser, iPhone and Windows mobile, all completely synchronised in real time. Hosted Exchange removes the cost, administration and resource commitments associated with setting up and managing your own Email server. Leave us to look after the hardware and software, freeing you to run your business.
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Office 365 is a subscription-based online office and software plus services suite which offers access to various services and software built around the Microsoft Office platform;
Serving as a successor to Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite, the service was originally designed to provide hosted e-mail, social networking and collaboration, and cloud storage to teams and businesses. As such, it first included hosted versions of Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, Office Web Apps, along with access to the Microsoft Office 2010 desktop applications on the Enterprise plan. With the release of Office 2013, Office 365 expanded to include new plans aimed at different types of businesses, along with new plans aimed at general consumers wanting to use the Office desktop software on a subscription basis.
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dell_logoOur dedicated servers offer outstanding performance for even the most demanding of websites with the latest Intel & Dell technology combining unparalleled server specification, bandwidth and service with a low monthly fee. Install any software you want, No shared resources, Host multiple websites, Linux or Windows OS Your own IP address (x2) Full root access

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